24 December 2008

Prison Break Character Guide

Prison Break, already in season 4, has gone through many characters in their story line. To keep all these characters straight, here is a Prison Break main character Guide.

Michael Scofield is the star of this television drama who worked as a structural engineer before his brother received the death sentence and went on a mission to give his brother freedom since he was wrongfully accused of murder.

Lincoln Burrows is Michael Scofields brother and was wrongfully accused of killing the Vice President of the United States, Terence Steadman. We find out later Terence Steadman is indeed alive and there's a company of people hiding the truth from America.

Fernando Sucre was Michael Scofields cell mate in the first prison, Fox River State Penitentiary in Illinois. His focus for escaping prison is reuniting with his girlfriend who seems to need "Sucre."

Theodore "T-Bag" Bagwell was also an inmate at Fox River State Penitentiary and escaped the prison with Michael Scofield. He turns out to be violent and manipulative, and a thorn in the side to all those who know him.

Sara Tancredi was the doctor at Fox River State Penitentiary and the daughter of the Governor of the state of Illinois. She and Michael Scofield become close while at Fox River and Sara Tancredi eventually becomes Michael Scofield's love interest as they try to gain freedom.

Alexander Mahone was the FBI agent who was assigned to locate all the fugitives from the escape at Fox River State Penitentiary. As Mahone is trying to capture Michael Scofield, we learn he is the only one Michael Scofield runs into that is his intellectual match.

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